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Orgone Generators

Orgone is the Light, Universal Energy that is present in everything. The name Orgone is also known as Chi, Ki, Prana, Ether, or Life Force.

Orgone generators are made with metals and crystals encased in resin. It is believed that by layering organic and inorganic materials, Life Force Energy can be cleaned, compacted, and magnified. Orgones are also thought to mitigate the harmful effects of Electromagnetic waves, ELF and HAARP waves in your environment. Put them near your TV, computer or anywhere in your living space. Even put them in your garden to help your plants. Orgone turns negative energy into positive energy. It helps plants grow better, mitigates harmful EMF radiation, disarms and repels predatory forms of life.

Enlarged to show detail


It has a nice copper spiral, as well as gold specks.

Each one is unique.

This is an Orgone Chakra Pendulum chakra gemstones such as amethyst, red jasper, carnelian, lapis, green aventurine, turquoise and more.

The chain is also decorated with chakra gemstones.

The point is about 1.75" long and the pendulum around 9"


Enlarged to show detail

This is an Orgone six sided pendulum, made wit many crystal chips and metal. Each one is unique.

It contains amethyst, red jasper, carnelian, lapis green aventurine, clear quartz and more.

The point is about 1.5" long and the pendulum around 9"


Orgone Merkabas

Made with various gemstones: Lapis, Amethyst, Blue / Green / Yellow Aventurine, Red Jasper, Crystal Quartz, Moonstone, Sodalite, Jade.

1" ~ $4.50