The Sacred Feminine Art by Montserrat

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Maternity Card Deck

Blissful Birth Mantra Cards

An inspiration deck to help pregnant mamas build inner strength through pregnancy.

This beautiful set of nine cards brings you powerful tools for birth: Visual focal points and positive mental phrases.

Each card represents a phase of pregnancy and offers powerful insights and mantras.

Example of cards

Ix Chel/Legacy

Printed on back:

Ix Chel is here to sing songs of the women around the world who have been birthing for millennia.

The Mayan Goddess of water, rain, childbirth and fate, she is the eternal Old Woman of the Moon.

Ix Chel never ages, and honors the right legacy of female strength though singing the birth stories of all women.

You are not alone. Millions of women have come before you and millions will follow

in the sacred dance of birth. Know that 370,000 mamas birth their babies around the world every day.

Ix Chel reminds you that you are all journeying together,

and will birth together, as women have done through the ages.

Seek solace, wisdom and strength from this incredible legacy of powerful women: Mothers of past, present and future.

Mama Mantra:

"Birth is a legacy of love.

Millions of mothers surround me"

Written by Anna Alldredge

Illustrated by Montserrat


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