I spent some time with several Record Keeper Crystals and after half an hour or so I noticed that I was buzzing. When I got home I felt I needed to "create" something.

Images began to pour out of me very fast, abstract images, in various colors and forms, 22 in total. Then came the meaning for the 22 images.

I worked on this for hours without stopping.

After I was done, I realized that I had created/received a deck: The Light Codes.

There is no particular way to use it. The images will talk to you in a way that only you understand.

Deck of 22 - 4" x 6" cards

Assorted engraved stone included

These fit in a regular envelope and can be shipped as post cards, should you want to share any with a loved one.


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You can see some of the images in the video below


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