The Sacred Feminine Art by Montserrat

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Gift Sets


Porcelain Burners with incense

These beautiful burners could be also used to store potpourri, crystals and even jewelry

They are about 4 " in diameter by 3" tall

They make a great gift for incense lovers.

They come with a box of assorted incense cones and a little ceramic dish that perfectly holds the cone,

so the main dish is easier to clean.

Two beautiful designs:

Sapphire and Forest

Sapphire Incense set


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Forest Incense set


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Ganesh Gift Set

Ganesh is the "remover of obstacles" and this is a wonderful energy to have around.

A perfect addition to any altar, desk, car, or even to carry with you.

A unique gift that anybody will treasure

1" gemstone Ganesh figurine with an assorted 1" gemstone sphere with wooden dish.

Gift boxed


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