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Little Brass figurines are about 1"


5 left

SALE $10.00


1 left

SALE $10.00


1 left

SALE $10.00


1 left

SALE $10.00


1 left

SALE $10.00


1 left

SALE $10.00

Turtle with babies

1 left

SALE $10.00



Beautiful hand carved soap in the shape of a rose, in blue or pink. Fragrant.


Pink Rose $4.00


Blue Rose $4.00

Red String Bracelet

They say that wearing a red string bracelet on the left wrist will guard you from misfortune, and will bring protection in all areas of your life.

This bracelet also displays an eye protection bead, which tradition says, reflects negativity back to where it came from.

I designed this bracelet with Aqua Aura rhinestones around the eye to give it a very clean, sparkly effect.

The two little gemstone beads at the end of the strings are hematite.

Hematite is a very grounding and protective stone.

This beautiful and powerful bracelet is fully adjustable and will fit ANY wrist size.



Create an instant altar, outdoors or indoors, with this beautiful Goddess tea light holder.

Her body is decorated with vines and little animals. You will have to look all over to discover them.

It measures about 7 1/2" tall and comes with a tea light for you to use right away.


OM Crystal Wands

These wands have eight sides and are made with Rose Quartz.

They are decorated with a Garnet cabochon and the OM symbol. They have a clear quartz sphere on top and a clear quartz point at the bottom. Each one is unique.

OM wand 5" to 6"

sold out

OM wand About 4"


Beautiful iridescent dish to hold your candles. It is 5" in diameter and it will hold most any size.

Each one is unique


Violet tea light and votive holder

About 8" tall


Desert Roses are a form of Selenite.

They calm the mind and the emotions and help remove self imposed programs.

They are used to access past lives and removing energy blockages.

Desert Roses are said to contain a Spirit Guardian, and each one is different.

About 1"


About 2"

sold out

Beautiful and dreamy candle holder, made of sandstone in earth tones, each one is unique.

Whimsical stars reflect all around the candle. It holds tea lights and also votives.

It is about 2" tall by 3" wide.

SALE $7.00

Selenite Generators

Selenite crystal is used to purify the environment. The natural qualities of Selenite crystal help harness, direct and distribute positive energy.

These Selenite Obelisk are one of a kind, about 3.2 " tall and around 2" wide.


Soapstone and wood incense stick and cone holder

3 1/2" in diameter

SALE $5.00

Tea light holder lamp. It is carved in stone and lets light glimmer through.

It is 3" tall by 2" wide.

SALE $6.00


Red Rose tea light and votive holder.

12" tall


Exquisite Blue Kyanite wand with faceted chakra gemstones in Sterling Silver

It has a clear quartz sphere on top and a clear quartz point at the bottom.

4" to 4.5" long.

Each one is completely different. The images below are to give you an idea but being that the Kyanite stones all have mark, lines and details of its own, each one will be unique.

SALE $20.00 $42.00