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HEM Incense

Assorted pack of 6: patchouli, copal, lavender, frankincense, sun.

Some are 20 sticks and others 10.


Little Brass figurines are about 1"


5 left

SALE $10.00


1 left

SALE $10.00


1 left

SALE $10.00


1 left

SALE $10.00


1 left

SALE $10.00


1 left

SALE $10.00

Turtle with babies

1 left

SALE $10.00



Beautiful hand carved soap in the shape of a rose, in blue or pink. Fragrant.


Pink Rose $4.00


Blue Rose $4.00

OM Crystal Wands

These wands have eight sides and are made with Rose Quartz.

They are decorated with a Garnet cabochon and the OM symbol. They have a clear quartz sphere on top and a clear quartz point at the bottom. Each one is unique.

Violet tea light and votive holder

About 8" tall


Beautiful and dreamy candle holder, made of sandstone in earth tones, each one is unique.

Whimsical stars reflect all around the candle. It holds tea lights and also votives.

It is about 2" tall by 3" wide.

SALE $7.00

Tea light holder lamp. It is carved in stone and lets light glimmer through.

It is 3" tall by 2" wide.

SALE $6.00


Red Rose tea light and votive holder.

12" tall