The Sacred Feminine
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While Supplies last

Beautiful and dreamy candle holder, made of sandstone in earth tones, each one is unique.

Whimsical stars reflect all around the candle. It holds tea lights and also votives.

It is about 2" tall by 3" wide.

SALE $7.00

Soapstone and wood incense stick and cone holder

3 1/2" in diameter

SALE $5.00

Tea light holder lamp. It is carved in stone and lets light glimmer through.

It is 3" tall by 2" wide.

SALE $6.00

Celtic Triquetra design and fairy green beads.

Brass 11" x 3"

SALE $6.00

Moon and Star design and fairy gree and blue beads.

Brass 9" x 2.5"

SALE $6.00