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The sacred feminine art of montserrat


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Enlarged to show detail

Small Faceted Amethyst sterling silver earrings, the hanging stones are around 1" long and with the hoop 1.75 total.

$10.00 sold


This is such a beautiful hand carved soap. Each piece is very detailed and unique, as anything that is hand made.

The flower is about 2" in diameter, and the heart shaped box 2" x 2 - 1/2".

Beautiful gift for yourself and your loved ones. You can also use them to perfume your drawers and closets. I like to have mine around just to look at it.

Lightly scented

Enlarged to show detail

Pink Rose $4.00

Enlarged to show detail

Blue Rose $4.00

Druzy with Peridot

2.5" long by 1" wide, silver plated pendant.

Chain NOT included


Sodalite silver plated pendant

2" long by 1" wide

$12.00 sold

Blue Lace Agate Sterling Silver pendant

About 1" long