Montserrat and the Sacred Feminine





Montserrat is one of the Black Madonnas.


She was found about 50 km North of Barcelona, inside a cave up in a mountain called "Montserrat", which means in Catalan, "serrated mountain". She became the patron saint of Barcelona, and her festivity is celebrated every April 27th. ( I was born on an April 27, and that is how I got named after her)

A monastery was built near the cave and it became a favorite place for pilgrims from all over Europe.


There are many stories about this black madonna and the mountain, who many believe to be magic, and those of you who are researching the Holy Grail and Mary Magdalene should look into Montserrat and her story.







I believe that many French Templars escaped death by fleeing to neighboring Spain. After all, one just have to cross over the Pyrenees and, there you are! Also, Templars in Spain were not exterminated as it happened to their counterparts in France.

There were Cathars in Spain too.

The North Eastern tip of Spain is Catalonia, a region with strong cultural heritage, their own language and beliefs. The capital is Barcelona.

The landscape is very much like Provence, and even the language is very similar.

Again, research this. There is no accident that a black madonna was found there.



Many believe that the Grail is still hiding in Montserrat. Apparently, the mountain is full of caves and passages. Some say that there is a subterranean lake and three rivers in its depths , but only a few have seen them.

All kinds of phenomena occurs in the mountain, from electromagnetic disturbances, to mysterious lights, and yes, people see UFOs there too...


If you find interesting information about this, please, share it with me.





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