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The sacred feminine art of montserrat
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Gemstone Jewelry


Smudging Tools

Sacred Feminine Rosary

Mary Magdalene Bracelet

Pyramid Generators



Candle Holders

Black Madonna of Montserrat

Chakra Jewelry

Reiki Stone Set


Greeting cards and journals

Granular incense

Orgone Pyramids

Chakra Stone set

Gemstone Angels

Gifts for men









Montserrat's Art

Cards, Journals, Prints, Originals

Gemstone Jewelry


Gemstones, Chakra, Celtic

Candles by Montserrat

Meditation, Affirmations, Manifesting

Altars and Accessories

Altars, Figurines, Herbs and Incense

Card Decks

Manifesting, Flowers, Tarot Bags

Herbs for Smudging

White Sage, Cedar, Abalone Shells


Points, Generators, Pendulums



Ring, Tarot and Jewelry boxes

Engraved Gemstones Sets

Ascension, Chakras, Reiki, 11:11


Granular incense and accessories

Gifts for Men

Money Clips, Celtic Jewelry

Orgone generators

Orgone Generators

Merkabas, Pyramids, Spheres

Tapestries & Altar Cloths

Kuan Yin, Tara, Goddess

The Sisterhood of the Rose

Sacred Feminine Rosary and more

Wind Chimes

Figurines and statuettes

Deities, Miniatures, Shrines and Wood carvings and brass


Jewelry Making Supplies

Beads, findings

Spiritual Meaning of Crystals and Gemstones


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